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Dan Burd

Co-Founder / Director

Most Often Heard Saying: "...Anybody wanna get some pizza for lunch?"

Most Often Seen: Sneaking off to aforementioned pizza joint.

Most Likely To: Create / Build / Design / Fix / Edit / Drive...Anything!

Most Likely To Actually: Be born and raised in New York. Have a lovely wife named Rebecca and three of the best boys in the world. Be an Executive Team Member and Board Member for a youth-focused non-profit. Co-found All Access Production in 1996. Develop No More Victims and tour nationally, speaking to over 360,000 students. Attend Belhaven University for theatre.

Rebbeca Burd

Co-Founder / Director

Most Often Heard Saying: "...Boys. BOYS! Is anybody listening to me?"

Most Often Seen: Organizing something while eating, teaching, wrangling children, doing laundry, preparing an organic meal and running a meeting. Piece of cake...oohhh, cake sounds good.

Most Likely To: Become a prima ballerina while existing only on steak (and chocolate).

Most Likely To Actually: Serve on the Executive team for a youth focused non-profit for 13 years. Co-found All Access Productions in 1996. Train hundreds of artists, co-writing No More Victims and touring nationally. Attend Belhaven University in 2002 receiving a Certification in Dance. Become a self-made guru on natural and organic living. Mother to three amazing boys who are her world.

Lisa Dougherty

Casting Manager

Most Often Heard Saying: "..Stop. I can't even. "

Most Often Seen: Making lattes at starbucks![and drinking them]

Most Likely To: Hug you! And sing. Loudly. ..while making lattes.

Most Likely To Actually: Be living on Long Island since birth, and working as the casting manager for All Access, along with loving being a barista at starbucks. Attends Christ Fellowship Church, and can be found leading worship along side her friends. Really loves hugs and taking the time to make people feel good and special. Because they are!!

Brittani Key

Booking Manager

Most often heard saying: "I'm over it..." and "true story" ... while sounding like your Jewish grandmother and occasionally speaking in doubles.

Most often seen: Fluffing her luscious blonde locks while dumpster diving.

Most likely to: Burst into song (loudly) when conversations mimic song lyrics.

Most likely to actually: Graduate with a BFA in musical theater (2008) and become a pastry chef after attending FCI (2010) while interning with cake master Ron Ben-Israel (2010). Instinctively join All Access Productions staff while auditioning for a role and not having the slightest clue what she was in for (2013). Know every Principal and Principal Secretary by name, date of birth and blood type in Suffolk County.


We can't promise we won't break out into a song

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