Empowered mommas end bullying

We provide moms with end bullying solutions for their schools to impact more kids than their own

Our kids suffer when mom's aren't involved

Empowered moms have the power to change the world.  When they are mobilized here's what can happen...

  • Schools will become safe places for our kids to thrive
  • Our communities will become safer & healthier places to live
  • Moms will be empowered to help their kids find solutions to bullying
  • Schools will become a safe place for kids and moms to share stories and experiences

Co-Creator of Mombassadors


Co-Creator of Mombassadors

We are moms too.

After years of helpessness, we knew something  had to change.

So we asked "What can we do?"

The result?  We created a musical, Speak Life End Bullying the Musical, has impacted over 375,000 students for the last 20 years.

Now our live show is filmed like Hamilton on Disney + and exclusively available in a digital format.

This means that students at any school, in any city, can watch at any time.

Here's the part of the story where you come in

Now there’s an opportunity for you to end bullying in your school, just like we did.

When you SHOW UP for our children
and SPEAK LIFE into their world, you will
BRING CHANGE to our schools and communities.


We are asking you to be a part of our mombassador movement.  Together, we will bring an end to bullying

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Let's not just deal with bullying, let's end it!

We believe Mombas like you make life better for more kids than their own.


By bringing Speak Life End Bullying the Musical to their schools.


We are asking you to be a part of our mombassador movement.  Let's not just deal with bullying, let's end it!

Here’s what you do next

Follow us on social

Join the Mombassador Facebook Community

Schedule a summer watch party and get the hosting kit.

Invite other moms to your viewing party.

Bring Speak Life End Bullying to your school.

School packet available May 27. 

CONGRATS! YOU just started a movement.

Join us for a Summer Viewing Party.

Moms across the country are hosting summer viewing parties of the film for their circle of mom friends. Choose any weekend in June to host one at your house.

Your viewing party helps get Speak Life into more schools than your own.

So YOU can impact more kids than your own.

Mombassadors are on a mission. You can be a part of impacting 1 million students in 1 thousand schools in 1 year through the Speak Life End Bullying Program.

Wear the Movement. Share the Movement.


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"My niece spent two years in 3rd & 4th grade being bullied by another girl. No one would listen to her. Playground workers would shrug it off and tell her to go play....Teachers and the Principal would say things like....Kids will be kids or just stay away from her....UNTIL....I stepped in. I spoke personally and by email with the school and met with the principal and guidance counselors to correct this. This film is awesome. It will start the right conversations on how we can all Speak Life in this world."

- Aunt/Mom

Imagine a world where

No student is afraid to go to school. 

Imagine a world where

Every student felt like they belong. 

Imagine a world where

Stories of bullying are NO MORE.

This is the world you help us create as a Mombassador.

Join today and start the movement.