Rebbeca Burd

Co-Founder / Director

Most Often Heard Saying: "...Boys. BOYS! Is anybody listening to me?"

Most Often Seen: Organizing something while eating, teaching, wrangling children, doing laundry, preparing an organic meal and running a meeting. Piece of cake...oohhh, cake sounds good.

Most Likely To: Become a prima ballerina while existing only on steak (and chocolate).

Most Likely To Actually: Serve on the Executive team for a youth focused non-profit for 13 years. Co-found All Access Productions in 1996. Train hundreds of artists, co-writing No More Victims and touring nationally. Attend Belhaven University in 2002 receiving a Certification in Dance. Become a self-made guru on natural and organic living. Mother to three amazing boys who are her world.