Flip the script

Inspire the power of positive change.

Act beyond awareness

Awareness to empathy - empathy to action.

Lead belonging

When others belong, it’s good company.

Value others

Praise achievement, show respect, encourage potential.

Play you

Authenticity is the most courageous part you can play.

Be better, not perfect

Personal excellence is your personal extra.

Risk creatively

Risk is the fun innovator of creative possibility.

Applaud instead of bow

Humility puts you before me.

Speak Life

It’s who we are. It’s what we do.



We believe the art of performance has the power to tell unspoken stories which can flip the script, awakening empathy, igniting hope, and inspiring change. We believe engaging in empathy leads us to act beyond the mere awareness of what is right or good. We believe we are in good company when others are seen, accepted, and know they belong. We believe in praising hard-earned achievement, showing kind respect, and encouraging unseen potential. We believe the most courageous part to play is the truest version of our most authentic self. We believe personal excellence lives inside of all of us; we put in the extra time, effort, strength, and intentionality to be better, not perfect. We believe in taking brave steps outside of our comfort zone because the risk is the fun innovator of creative possibility. We believe mistakes and missteps are all part of the rehearsal we call life; we make our mark and we try again. We believe in humility which shines a brighter spotlight on those who applaud instead of a bow. We believe each day offers improv moments to speak up and speak life.


We can't promise we won't break out into a song

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