Dan and Rebecca Burd are the directors of Speak Life Performing Arts Company and producers of Speak Life End Bullying the Musical. The company is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower students to act beyond awareness, bringing the power of performing arts and digital theater to educational assembly programs. 

This mission began in 2000 when both Dan and Rebecca were deeply and personally impacted by a story of bullying. They realized this was the story they needed to tell and immediately began writing a script aimed at capturing the interest and heart of students. Dan’s background in theater, combined with Rebecca’s experience in dance, brought a riveting and relatable show to the stage in 2001. For the past 20 years, they have produced and performed their original stage show in schools and events nationwide. 

Fast forward past the global pandemic and 2020 into 2021, the mission of Speak Life Performing Arts Company is going strong. Through a partnership with the Justin Simmons Foundation, Speak Life Performing Arts Company has released a new version of the Speak Life End Bullying the Musical...ON FILM. (Think Hamilton for Disney+.) The same high-impact stage show is now a high-quality digital theater production, now with BRAND-NEW original music produced by Rhyme Partners. This new format will give every school around the world the opportunity to bring Speak Life End Bullying the Musical to their student body. The vision for 2022 is to reach one million students in one thousand schools across the nation. Just think of the culture shift in schools and communities when millions of lives are impacted for positive change! 

Speak Life Performing Arts Company has many more plans for the future that will continue to empower action beyond awareness to awaken empathy and inspire hope in students through performing arts in educational assembly programs. As a company, we know there are many more stories to be told.


With your help, we intend to tell them.


Daniel & Rebecca Burd
Speak Life Performing Arts Company


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